Wealthy vs. Poor (the True Definitions)

Published: 2021-07-24 04:20:06
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| Wealthy Vs. Poor| The True Definitions| | Sierra Lockett| ENG-101| Jim Andrzjewski | The definition of wealth is very versatile and affects the lives of people in many different ways. It is usually defined as pertaining to riches, luxurious possessions, and an abundance of things of value in general. But to some, it can also mean having a great amount of the things that are considered more important than materialistic assets such as family, friendships, wisdom, health, love, etc.
What is the true definition of wealth and does it only relate to things that are great in cash value? Most of today’s official definitions of wealth in dictionaries, glossaries, and thesauruses define wealth as an abundance of valuable possessions or money. There are trillions of advertisements advising people how to obtain it in how-to books, videos, commercials, and step by step guides. Who’s to say that the one who doesn’t have all the materialistic possessions isn’t already wealthy?
People all over the world are striving day to day to have the finer things in life and live the common dream such as a white collar career, luxury vehicles, white picket fence, and the suburban home. The typical classifications of wealth are insufficient and have been misleading people for generations. As a result, people thrive, fight, steal, and kill just to have what is considered the better quality of things in life for their selves and their families. Society must understand that true fortune and prosperity does not come in the form of assets.

It cannot be worn around one’s neck, a check cannot be written for it, nor can it be direct deposited. Valuable possessions are things that only bring happiness temporarily and it does not take long before a person becomes bored with it. The tainted and inadequate description of wealth not only misleads but causes one to be prejudice against people who are considered poor. A person is not poor because they lack things of significant value or because their life does not revolve around money.
The one who has everything their superficial heart can desire but no one to share it with is the one who is, in fact, poor. Poor just simply means a lacking and official definitions should not state of what the lacking is. Money is the least of what a person can be poor at because even a rich individual can be poor at something. Rich is the one who is plentiful in knowledge and wisdom. How dare someone be prejudice against people who have an inadequate supply of clean water, food, clothing, education, and healthcare?
Rich is the person who is still bountiful in faith through strife. Financial income is not the only important factor of wealth or poverty. There are many definitions of being either poor or wealthy. The cash value of something is not what makes it beautiful. The best things in life are completely free such as falling in love, giving birth, and enjoying the beautiful green nature around us. Poor does not necessarily mean you cannot enjoy life to the fullest. There are so many individuals who have nothing materialistically but are still content with life because they have each other.
True wealth is an abundance of what is important to someone such as what makes them happy. It is not always necessarily money, jewels, and cars. A person living in what is considered poverty can be rich spiritually and family-wise. There is no one definition as to what makes a person poor or wealthy. The definition of wealth is not just having plenty of money and the definition of being poor is not just having a lack of it. It only depends on having abundance or lack of what is important to someone as an individual and not based on what society thinks someone should have.

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