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Published: 2021-08-01 09:45:08
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Organizations need strategic planning to have better possibilities in achieving success. Part of creating a strategic plan that fit an organization is aligning its values with what the organization wants to accomplish and how is achieve. In this paper, Learning Team B uses the Pepsi Company as the organization of topic. Team B will discuss the evolution of personal values as well as the values at the workplace. Also the paper includes how the values of each individual affects actions and behaviors, the alignment of the Pepsi Company values with its plans and actions, and how our values as a team can be reflective in the Pepsi Company.
In a family setting, parents teach their children to value certain things whether it is physical or mental. You are taught the difference between what is right and what is wrong. To value something is to determine its worth or regard, such as a life or money and in business, the products and services rendered to the customers. Value expresses what is important to a person. Throughout life people use what they have learned in an effort to shape their communities, schools as well as social organizations creating an environment that has high hopes for a better way of living.

Because of the amount of time people spend in the workplace, they should be responsible for setting the tone for the type of behavior displayed throughout the organization. Oftentimes, organizations are held responsible for setting the legal, moral, and ethical codes for the workplace when the employees determine how they will behave. Developing codes of business values and ethics are increasing in businesses and professional associations to ensure ethical standards are consistent throughout the business industry (Pearce & Robinson, 2009).
Personal and workplace values should in many ways be the same. A person should value and display the same type of behavior in his personal and business lifestyles. The positive reputation a person demonstrates personally should be displayed as well in the professional arena. Businesses should value their customers, investors, and workers because these are the individuals who help grow organization and keep it competitive in its product market. Everyone has personal values. Those values can be very influential in their actions and behaviors.
Some personal values can be excellence, improvement, credibility, individuality, responsibility, respect, loyalty, empathy, courage, wisdom, security, teamwork, and empowerment. There are many other personal values that can drive a person’s actions. Values can have an impact on how an individual make decisions, how he works, how someone reacts to problems, and what products he buys or uses. The Pepsi Company states, “Our Values & Philosophy are a reflection of the socially and environmentally responsible company we aspire to be. They are the foundation for every business decision we make” (PepsiCo, 2012).
Pepsi makes it clear that their values reflectt their decision making. This is how individuals are as well. When a person has the values of loyalty, and respect he will be the type that will buy or use products from whom he knows are fair. This is what many companies strive to find within its customers. Knowing the customers values can be very helpful to a company. Pepsi Company alignment balances it values and its plans and actions. The Pepsi mission statement states “Our mission is to be the world’s premier consumer Products Company focused on convenient foods and beverages.
We seek to produce financial rewards to investors as we provide opportunities for growth and enrichment to our employees, our business partners and the communities in which we operate. And in everything we do, we strive for honesty, fairness and integrity” (PepsiCo Inc. , 2012). As for the Pepsi vision statement states “PepsiCo responsibility is to continually improve all aspects of the world in which we operate environment, social, economic – creating a better tomorrow than today. ” Because Pepsi has designed this statement for their company they stand behind it by offering tasting food nd beverage to its customers all over the world. Pepsi offers a great product but also its offer great opportunities for it employees, business owners, and the rest of the community.
In order for Pepsi to meet these values and plans they put in place the guiding principles for their company as well. These six guiding principles are • Care for our customers, our consumers, and the world we live in. • Sell only products we can be proud of. • Speak with truth and candor. • Balance short term and long term. • Win with diversity and inclusion. Respect others and succeed together. ( PepsiCo, 2012) Each of these principles is what makes Pepsi what it is today. Logistics and operations are core to PepsiCo’s success (PepsiCo. , 2012). Employees who share backgrounds, such as a military fit well at PepsiCo, a merit and performance based company with a focus on leadership and teams (PepsiCo Inc. 2012). Chad, one of our teammates can relate with that statement. Because of his prior service it speaks to him because he was a leader in the Army, and he has a level of respect for a company like PepsiCo.
At the same time PepsiCo realizes that people are its greatest asset (Durkin, 2012). It is important to us that our personal and workplace values be closely connected to those of the company we work for. The values that PepsiCo strives for are the same values that were ingrained for Chad as a member of the United States Army. It is satisfying to work for a company whose values are aligned with those of an individual. Though our values are aligned, it is most imperative that those values are upheld in PepsiCo’s plans and actions and not just in their words or statements.
PepsiCo must ensure to have leaders who hold individuals accountable to the values of the company. Individuals values can determine how actions will be perform. Values show how an individual personality is through his behavior. The Pepsi Company is one of the best in the beverage industry. Its products are popular but also the company values are exceptional. The Pepsi Company provides a great balance between its values, and the impact that causes to its employees and the community. All those are factors that support the creation of a strategic plan effective for the organization.
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