The Social and Legal Aspects of Homosexuality in Hong Kong

Published: 2021-07-19 09:05:06
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The social and legal aspects of homosexuality in Hong Kong In 1988, there was an intense argument on whether to legalize homosexuality. Different groups expressed their views on public discussion hold in Victoria Park. A group of homosexual men declared that they have the same contribution to the society as others. The existed law infringes on their human right. On the other hand, Dr. Philemon Choi who opposed decriminalization was afraid of the impacts of decriminalization such as the increase of male prostitution although he agreed to lower the penalties.
Besides, the Law Reform Commission had also discussed on this topic for 8 years but the progress was very slow. The main consideration was that homosexuality was not about legal issues but morality; therefore, the commission suggested loosening the law. However, it did not mean the Acceptance of homosexuality. Many people still thought some criminal offences were related to homosexuality and it was against the morality. Moreover, Despite the relation between Hong Kong and Britain, the liberation movement of homosexual laws was restricted because of the International Covenant.
One of the options from consultation paper from LRC was maintaining the existed law. It argued that it was a waste for the police to put so much focus on homosexuality instead of other more serious cases. What I think is totally different from the essay since there is about 20 years culture gap. People now are open-minded and more willing to accept others. The discrimination is less common in the modern society, and I hope all the people will accept homosexuality. REF: Louis Lee. “The social and legal aspects of homosexuality in Hong Kong” The HKU scholar Hub, (1988) 117-122,web. 9 Apr 2013

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