The Lesson of the Moth

Published: 2021-08-16 12:15:09
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Do you feel like you live your life to questionable? Or do you feel that life is to short and you should take every beautiful moment? Similar situation to the poem “the lesson of the moth”, the moth, he takes life for granted and rather risk his life for one moment. As for the roach he likes to take things slow as in living a longer life. He wouldn’t just throw his life away for nothing, Quality over quantity (moth) v. quantity over quality (roach). The moth is suicidal and the cockroach is a pansy.
My reaction to the poem is that I agree. Also, I was surprised at how the author used animals as examples, instead of humans. it should be a combination of the two, because you should do exciting things in life but at the same time be careful what you do that way you don’t live a short life, but it is exciting at the same time. Because it’s okay to take the risky side, but if you fail it’s on you. And like the roach you’re taking more steps to a better life without any worries.
I think this story teaches the lesson that some people become so sucked in with what they want in life and what they believe will make them happy they let all their inhibitions go, and their sense of reason almost disappears. What we think will make us happy, doesn’t always turn out the way we predict it to. Man and the moth are trying to accomplish the same thing… a better life. Man wishes to live his life with half of the happiness and live twice as long, while the moth would rather live its life to the fullest even if it means it will be cut short.

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