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Published: 2021-07-31 15:20:07
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Working for Apple the type of research one would want to see done would be a reporting study. This type of study will display data that provides statistics comparing the application to other applications that users are already using and what features of the application users are wanting. This report is the first step in determining if the application is worth moving forward with. Once the application shows to be a valuable asset for users the next step is to focus on what the users want in an applications.
I would expect the proposal to demonstrate on how user-friendly the application is, and who is the target audience this application is intended for. Many users want an application easy to use that a child can figure it out in one step. Another key factor users look for is the cost of the application. Keeping the cost down at a low price that is appealing to the user but profitable to the company will make this application successful for both parties. Derek's Response to Nancy I think the reporting study would be a great way to determine whether or not to move forward with the acceptance of the App into the Apple Store.
This is because the reporting study would give background information on the App study, including concrete details of the App and how it differs from other Apps in the same category. It would also give the necessary data to determine what group the App would best suit. This information would be obviously important because one would not want an App that is geared toward adults be in the viewing control of children without the proper warning labels. I think that it would have been a great way to find out if the customers would want to buy an app or not.

When people are getting ready to get an app they definitely want something that is useful and they will not be disappointed with. When doing research you will be able to see if the app will do good or not. Also it will be able to decipher whether you are gearing it toward the correct audience. You do not want to just throw something out there to see if it will work without research. It is important to test your product before delivering it. If I worked for Apple, the first thing I would want to see in a proposal for a new App for the App store would be whether or not the proposal has met the policy and procedures by Apple.
The reason I would do this is that if the requirements were met the App would be compatible with the requirements of Apple’s App store on so many levels. For example: If there are technical glitches or errors the App will not be approved by our technicians. I will also look for the simplicity of the App to make sure it will be user friendly. Creativity would play a big role in App approval because with more than 300,000 Apps in the App store, we would think it is important for the App to be unique. Research would be just as important as policies and procedures to gain approval for the App store.
Although at times because of inappropriate research, we would have to be aware of this type of research to make sure it does not become part of the Apple App store. Inappropriate research will include anything that has any racial tones that may offend any of our customers and research must be in compliance with the law. Bottom line is, I will not except anything is unethical. User-friendly application is a function that users look for when deciding on purchasing the application or not. Statics stating what functions users are most likely to be attractive to provides insight if the product will be successful.
These statics are important and presenting them in the proposal will help for determination of releasing the application. The application uniqueness is also important and knowing the competition of other application provides insight. Researching applications similar to the one in the proposal will reflect on the popularity of the new application. Following policies, procedures, compatibility, and ethical conduct are very important steps in business, but I am not sure if this information is appropriate research for a proposal.
I agree with Derek on this one. You have to make sure that you can get approval from the app store before you try to finalize your product. If you were to introduce a product that was not something that the App store would not even be allowed to have in there store then you would be just wasting time. Research is the key ingredient to making sure that you are producing the right type of app or anything else. Without this we would have a lot of failed businesses. Always make sure that what we are producing is what the people want.
Developers are constantly inventing and improving apps for the Apple® iPhone® mobile digital device. As a representative for Apple, researching the market of available apps helps take the first step into developing a successful app. A new app proposal requires a content analysis that helps educate developers on successful app designsand marketing. Proving there is a consumer interest for the app from a variety of age groups, demographics, genders, and geographical locations may help determine whether or not the app gets approved.
The proposal should provide evidence regarding how the potential app meets the needs of Apple’s customer base. The proposed app plans should surpass the competition by demonstrating that it is one of a kind and has potential room for growth. The research of the app should determine its reliability and show data that ensure the app functions properly with the operating systems (OS) configurations for each device Apple offers. There are numerous apps with an exceedingly crowded market that the barrier to access is low and the barrier to attaining success is high.
Offering research for an app that is difficult to duplicate but easy for customers to download will help in the approval process. However, including inappropriate research in the proposal is cause for disapproval. Technical problems like annoying bugs and constant crashes will result in disapproval from Apple. Using images, words, software, or ideas that Apple owns or information that does not pertain directly to the app and its functionality, technical content, or design criteria is inappropriate (Apple, 2012).
Proposals containing explicit or offensive material such as adult material, racial slurs, and any kind of discrimination and defamation are considered inappropriate and disapproval may occur (Apple, 2012). However, there is also research that can be one of the priciest errors developers can make. Applying funds to insufficient research or researching ideas that are extensively available becomes futile for developers. They concentrate on generating original ideas and waste time as well as energy producing those apps.

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