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Published: 2021-07-31 22:55:08
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K&N’s, a founding pillar and beacon for Pakistan’s Poultry Industry started in 1964 with a single minded objective of providing better nutrition for health and happiness of the nation. Building on years of poultry expertise and commitment to food-safety, K&N’s integrated all poultry production activities under one umbrella to bring you safe and healthy chicken by managing and controlling all stages of production.
K&N’s markets layer and broiler hatching-eggs, layer and broiler, day-old chicks, poultry feed, processed chicken and ready-to-cook & fully cooked food. I selected only the ready to cook category of K&N’s which include Nuggets, Croquettes, Chicken Tempura, Burger Patties, Kofta, Combo wings, Fun nuggets, Hot Tenders, Chapli Kabab, Harey Bharey Nuggets and Tender Pops. Distribution Products are stored at -21?C to maintain freshness. Packed products are moved into K&N’s sanitized refrigerated trucks for distribution to ensure uncompromising quality control.

K&N’s chicken products are available at K&N’s Chicken Stores and leading retailers and also delivered to quality and food-safety conscious institutions such as hotels, restaurants, airlines, clubs and international restaurant chains.
Market share
Market share of K&N’s is almost 70% (on average) in ready to cook food category. At Hyper Star almost 80% people buy K&N’s products. At CSD almost 60% people buy K&N’s products and at Macro almost 75% people buy this brand. This is the highest market share and at this time it is the leading brand in this category.
Where the brand stands? The brand is growing rapidly day by day due to the customer satisfaction and the product is according to the customer’s requirement as well as they are targeting different segments of the markets like children and the vegetarians. Positive points of its product From the customer view point K&N’s is providing healthy food. It is easy to cook especially it facilitates the working women because they don’t have much time to make all those things in home. They are targeting the children as well through fun nuggets so women are using for their children lunch.
This brand provides the hygienic food to its customer that build trust in the customer. Moreover the taste of K&N’s food is superior then others. These attributes are increasing its’ market share and this brand is growing. Competitors Competitors of K&N’s are Menu and Mano salwa. Both of these brands couldn’t make its brand image as strong as K&N’s has. Secondly they are not providing that level of customer satisfaction that K&N’s is providing. Target market The company is targeting different age groups as well as different income groups.
Their prices are normal so even a middle class person can afford it. They are targeting elite upper middle and middle class. On the age basis, they are targeting children as well as the young people. Conclusion K&N’s is the largest selling brand in ready to cook food category. They are focusing more and more on the fully cooked products for the ease of customers with the special focus on the hygiene factor. It is the brand that provide value product to its customer. There market starts with the customers and end with the customer. This is the main reason for their market share and market growth.

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