Physical Education Management Plan

Published: 2021-08-15 06:10:07
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Upon arrival to class students will be greeted with enthusiasm and eagerness to begin class. Students Students will engage in a warm-up review activity that includes questions and problems from previous lessons and assignments. Instruction Format Instruction will be given in a whole-to-parts format. I will demonstrate the new activity, present someone who can demonstrate it, or provide a video of each activity I introduce as a whole.
Then I will break the activity into “pieces” and teach it section by section with several opportunities to recite all learned parts of the activity. This will continue until all the learned parts can be recited fluently as a whole. Behavior Management To ensure minimal undesired behavior I will navigate around the gymnasium constantly in no predictable pattern. With my back to the wall at all possible times my eyes will consistently scan the room for proper technique and opportunities to assistant with improving a student’s technique.
My classroom will be managed in a manner that promotes discussion and the sharing of ideas between all members. Students will respect and empathize with fellow classmates and their physical differences. It will be arranged so that I can observe and monitor everyone’s behavior. Also, class activities will be arranged with an ease of transition from one station or skill to the next. My relationship with my students will be open and honest, and non-threatening to learning and mistakes during the learning process.

I will make a conscious effort from day to day to treat my students the way I would like for them to treat one another. My class will also have a voice in the selection of activities so that they feel a part of something special and that their opinions and thoughts matter. Students that display undesired behavior will be given a set time to refrain from the activity with the rest of the class. With each repeated offense the time will be multiplied by the number of offenses. Student Engagement
It is important to keep students engaged while in class. So, students will be provided with ample physical and thought-provoking activities during each lesson that are well prepared and presented by me. Each activity will be presented thoroughly and clearly so as to give the students a clear picture of what is being asked of them. In addition, the curriculum promotes the use of elaborate physically enriched activities that students work on individually or as a small group once they have received proper instruction.
As the teacher I will make frequent eye contact with the students to communicate a genuine interest in their learning. Assessment An effective teacher is in constant motion mentally and physically in the classroom. This attentiveness allows for a constant informal assessment of student learning and behavior. I will maintain anecdotal notes of student performance. Peer performance checklist will also be used for some activities. This form of assessment gives the students an opportunity to evaluate each other as well as give themselves a better idea of what is expected of them.

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