Modern Adaptation of Oedipus Rex (Scene)

Published: 2021-08-09 16:35:06
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Oedipus Rex Adaptation Original Scene: Laius meets the oracle and learns that his own son will kill him and marry his mother. Laius orders Jocasta to kill the baby. Jocasta hesitates and gives the baby to a servant so he could kill the baby. The servant leaves the baby to die in the sun.
A shepherd saves the baby and names him Oedipus. *optional to adapt Characters King Laius / Lionel von Hudson – Jared Lionel von Hudson is a wealthy and powerful businessman. He comes from a line of elites and his family holds tremendous economic power in New York. . Queen Jocasta / Cassandra von Hudson – Ravina Cassandar von Hudson is the wife of Lionel von Hudson. She also comes from a long line of elites from the Hamptons. She is unwilling to kil her first born child. Sometimes, she’s also conceited and proud. Oracle / Gypsy lady – Ratna A gypsy fortune teller who receives a vision and prophecy on the fate of the von Hudsons. Carries her fortune telling crystal with her. Servant / Sherry the Attendant – Farah Sherry is the von Hudson’s attendant who act as both driver and personal bodyguard.
A religious person but also fears her employers. She believes in fate. Corinthian Shepherd / Plumber – Jared A plumber who takes care of the sewer pipes. A person with a good heart. Setting: Modern day Upper East Side Manhattan, New York Scene 1 Setting: Outside Lionel’s office building Props: 2 chairs (car) and a “crystal” ball Lionel ask his driver to pull over at the office for a meeting. Lionel : Now, Sherry, the meeting will be till 2. I will be back at about 2:30. Sherry : Yes Mr. Lionel. I will be here. Have a good meeting Mr. Lionel, Mdm. Cassandra.

Lionel and Cassandra exit the car and walk towards the office entrance when they were stopped by a gypsy lady with a crystal ball. Gypsy Lady : The couple there. Mr and Mrs von Hudson. [walks over to Lionel and Cassandra] Cassandra : Oh Lord woman. How do you know our names. But then again, we’re all over the news anyways. Gypsy Lady: I come with news, news you must hear, regarding your child and your fate. For I see your future. You are doomed Mr. von Hudson, doomed to death by the hands of your son. And you, Mrs. on Hudson, incest be upon you for when death befalls Mr. von Hudson, you will marry your child. Lionel: What nonsense. You foolish gypsy. Shut your mouth and stop this rubbish. I’m late for my meeting and you’ve just ruined my mood. Cassandra: I shall not believe in this nonsense either. Let’s go Lionel. Let’s leave this foolish lady. Lionel and Cassandra walks away. Gypsy Lady: [shouts]
Cassandra looks over her shoulder at the gypsy lady, a tinge of worry on her face. Scene 2 Setting: Elevator to the von Hudson’s penthouse. Props: none Lionel: What foolishness. That gypsy sure knows how to get on my nerves. I’m still angry just thinking of her. Cassandra: Lionel dear, let’s not worry about her and open ourselves a bottle of champagne tonight. A fool will be a fool. DING! Elevator door opens. Lionel and Cassandra looks at their penthouse in horror and shock. Lionel : What in the world could have done this?! Look at our apartment.
It’s trashed. Cassandra : Oh no. What if the Gypsy Lady was right? Lionel : SHERRY?! Sherry comes running in. Sherry : Yes, Mr. Lionel…….. [looks around in horror] I’ll get the maintenance to clear this up. Sherry runs out. Cassandra : Oh Lionel, what are we to do. She was right. Lionel : We have to save ourselves Cassandra. I will leave for a business trip tomorrow. When I’m back, I want the boy gone. Kill him before he kills us and land you in sin. Cassandra : But… but he’s our flesh and blood. Lionel : It will be as I say. Scene 3
Setting : Penthouse (clean again) Props: “baby” Cassandra : [on the phone] Sherry, could you come up here please. DING! Sherry : Yes, Mdm. Cassandra? Cassandra hands Sherry the baby. Cassandra : You have to do it Sherry. I can’t. Sherry: Do what madam? Cassandra : Kill him. Before he grows up and kill Lionel. Sherry : I…. I can’t…. Cassandra : You must. Cassandra covers her face and sobs. Scene 4 Setting: Sewers Props : “baby” Sherry : I’m sorry young master. What ordeal has come upon such a tiny soul. Oh God. Why?! I could not bring myself to do it.
If it’s your fate to live, young master, then, may God send someone to save you. But if it’s your fate to die, let the crocodiles come to you first. Sherry leaves the baby on the ground and leaves. *optional Plumber walks in. Plumber: Now, where is that broken pipe? [hears baby’s cry, looks around and spots the baby] Oh dear god. Why? To an infant soul? [picks up baby] You poor thing. But I’m too poor. I do hope that Mr. and Mrs. Goldstein would take him? They’ve been trying to have a child for ages. [looks at the baby, smiles] Hello there, Alfie.

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