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Published: 2021-07-14 20:55:06
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We all know what SOOT stands for in the business world. There are the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. In a business the management leaders need to be aware of the surroundings for any ideas that may come their way and to be developed and planned out to make a profit and to hold the stakeholders to help make a difference. Apple is in the design, marketing, and development of personal computers and software. Apple is also into digital music players, network solutions, and related accessories (King, 2009).
In researching the Apple Corporation, they have a very long history and although they had many changes from when they first started working out of a garage as a bobby they have definitely come a long way. Strengths First of all their strength Is In their technology. They have low debt and brand loyalty, they collaborated with Intel Computers in 2006, and they have a Strong Research & Development Department. Everything in this category is good because it is strong and assures for a good future. Weaknesses Their weaknesses are more compelling than one might think.
They are weak in relationship with Intel and Microsoft, a weak presence in the business arena, a weak presence in markets other than education and publishing, and a slow turn around on high demand products. This does not look good for any business. The reasoning behind this category is If they do not make a turnaround, they are going to lose more customers and their sales will go down and their future will look bleak. Opportunities Their opportunities are their online sales of computers are Increasing with rapid speed; Apple Computers should focus to develop new models to cater to the need of customers.

Their downloaded music for MPH players Is very marketable. That means more money for them and their colleagues. Threats Now Tort tenet tenants, ten apple steward Ana tenet cell phones are very expensive compared to other companies. The competition is strong and Apple does not look like they will catch up to them in the laptop division. For their downloaded music, people would prefer going to other sources to download free music instead of paying for it, so that does not look good for their tunes.
Introducing the MINI COME CARRYALL Our computers will be less expensive and small enough to fit in a purse or fanny pack; it will also have mini discs. Let everyone know this company the new revelation in technology as the Mini Come Carryall, MAC for short. The plan is to set out to provide a new Marketing product, a new and improved computer with a new kind of footwear. Noticing that Apple has a problem with relationships with Intel and Microsoft tells us that they either do not trust them or they think they are mind readers.
This computer company wants to be there for everyone. We can make the computer business better by making a change. The best way to go about acknowledging what another company has is by researching. This company has found that Apple had gotten ideas from the fruit but not making an effort to comply with how to make it work. We will have a review of current measures by the measurement team to determine if they support the indicators if it does, then that ATA needs to organize the strategic measures (Wells, 2003).
We will have the Marketing staff going to events all around the United States and having them set up a place to test to see what the customers like and dislike. However, like everything else there are always the pros and cons in strategies. Pros The benefits of globalization has resulted in companies looking for new ways of doing business, learning new techniques, affecting the software manufacturing process, and making funds available for global initiatives (Rumanians, 2010). Our computers will be less expensive and small enough to fit in a purse or fanny pack; it ill also have mini discs.
Let this company be known and the Mini Come Carryall, MAC for short. After the person have finished using or playing or anything with the computer, they fill out a survey answering the questions, how simple is the software that was Just tried and how they liked it, and what did they like most or least about it, and what are their thoughts on the new product and would they buy it? This is simple but yet affective. The strategy that this computer company has come up with is very simple; we have a plan to be there for the customer, to talk to our partners on weekly basis, and to have meetings once a month.
The people that we hire for Data input will have the knowledge for the computer system. There will be internal and external audits every week. We will also get rid of the overhead so our products will be better and less expensive. The opinions of a potential customer are worth more as a strategic plan than not advertising. The data processor will then input the numbers or letters into the system, then the results will be more tangible and more realistic and the numbers will be a true number to have a better outcome and to sell ore AT ten product .
Free downloads Trot our Wesley wall make sure customers keep coming back. Cons As for the cons, many things can happen to where it will seem that it is a bad idea or plan. For example, not enough money but if the management plans it right they will be able to rent cars and save money for the trip. Another thing is not be motivated and not hiring the right people. Some people might not like advertising in public, having a new market that they are unsure about with little or no training. Not having the right vendors is a waste of time and money. Buyers are being more cautious about investing.
Not being in touch with the stakeholders and managers and not letting them know what is happening in the world of computers and software. Conclusion This paper has shown that the research about Apple Inc. With a SOOT analysis and pros and cons are more likely to happen if management is not sure of a plan. This paper also introduced a new market in a mini computer. Strategic planning is a source of having the right tools and the right people to make new marketing ideas work for the company. Making the right choice of vendors will save time and money for going global.

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