Four Contexts That Motivate Learning

Published: 2021-08-03 01:45:08
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The four contexts that motivate learning are practical context, personal context, experiential context, and idealistic context. Practical context is doing something because it is what’s expected to be beneficial to succeed. The motivation is the strategic thinking to get to the point and not waste time. Personal context is setting goals for yourself to better your life or possibly the things in it. The motivation could be family or even just the satisfaction of self-achievement. Experiential context learning is learning from experience.
The motivation is learning from your past experience and reintegrating it into a teaching skill for future knowledge. Idealistic context is a learning that involves exploring new ideas, theories, and concepts. The motivation is the curiosity to experience the discovery of something new. One must find the learning context that expresses them best. Personal context best motivates my learning. I like to accomplish goals I set for myself. My main goal is to make sure I can provide a better life for my children. By doing this I have to first start school and then find a good career.
I tried to settle for medical assisting but the problem was simply that I was settling. My goal is to quit procrastinating and do more with my life. I have it set in my mind my children deserve the best and I am willing to do all I can to give it to them. I know I have to push myself to get through this journey. This makes the learning process easier. When I feel overwhelmed I remember my goals I have set for myself. My main personal goal is to finish school and obtain a good paying job to provide for my family and myself.

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