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Published: 2021-07-29 15:55:06
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When thinking of advertisements, for some odd reason, I immediately will think of Cover Girl makeup ads that are often found in almost every woman’s magazine. However, this particular advertisement features country music superstar Taylor Swift and very similar to all of their distinctive ads focuses mostly on her face. This ad is for their new “natureluxe silk foundation- luxury touched by nature. ” From this relatively simple ad, as it only contains a close up of Taylor Swift as well as text, it allows for the discussion of it’s unique aesthetics.
The first thing that I would like to discuss is the colors that are used within this advertisement. The advertisement finds balance by using a soft and light yet trendy green for their top lettering of Cover Girl, some pop out lettering under the image all to match the color of the actual foundation bottle. The advertisement becomes more appealing to the eye as Cover Girl is attempting to create an earthy yet “simple is beautiful” feel for their audience.
Also, the actual colors of Taylor Swift herself are very fair and soft as it looks as if she is not wearing any foundations. In addition, she is wearing a pale pink ruffled dress adding to the light, fluffy and earthy feel of the advertisement as a whole. However, the majority of the wording is a dark black with some of the font in bold and different sizes. It is evident that the advertisers are attempting to bring their audience’s attention down from Taylor Swift to what they actually have to say about the product by using opposing colors and bold text.

In addition to the colors that were used, the actual wording that was used is particularly interesting. The advertisement uses many different sizes and colors within the whole image. The top Cover Girl is in the light green color reflecting back to the idea of softness and it is the vantage point for a person’s eyes. It is very bold and automatically draws attention to the top half of the advertisement. Also, the different very black and dark bold text at the bottom of the page seems intriguing for a few reasons.
First, the different font types and sizes attempt to make you really see the first three lines very clearly and get an understanding of what the product is. However, the work “new” happens to be in green followed by “natureluxe silk foundation” with “luxe” being bolded, suggesting that this product is truly “luxury touched by nature;” which is in very small print right below that as well. In addition, I find it interesting that the two black bolded lines both have the word “air” in them and also soft, air-like words, such as “fresh” and “breath. To me this is suggesting that even though the text may be dark and bold, this product is still going to make the user feel fresh and lightweight. Therefore, this brings me to the last topic of the lighting that is used within the image as well as the text. With the text having a dark and bold at the top, it slowly becomes lighter and smaller and even throws in come light green text in there as well, suggesting that it almost has a elegant, luxurious feel to the text just as much as the makeup is going to have on a person’s face.
Also, the lighting within the image is very bright and the backdrop of a complete white again is keeping the theme of lightweight and airy flowing throughout the entire advertisement. In addition, the bright, artificial white lighting is also used on Taylor Swift’s face as well as arm to suggest that she is feeling fresh and clean when wearing this foundation.

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