Bad Influence of Television

Published: 2021-08-08 04:30:08
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Television is a bad influence Nowadays, almost each family has at least one television. Even when we grow up, we still have a cartoon in our memories. But we can see, more and more children indulge to TV shows, they pick up bad habits from the programs and they lost a lot of fun because of they spend too much time in watching TV. Not only to the children but also to the adults, watching TV is harmful to people’s health. Too often such cruel behavior can be seen on television programs. The children could not distinguish which behavior is right and which one is wrong.
They even think some cruel behaviors are very cool. And when the children watch television programs, their parents do not have time tell them how to do is right. The programs or the films have many fighting and erotic actions to attract their attention. Young children could learn from them and do the same thing in their real life. That’s why young criminal are increasing in recent years. Watching television is interesting in children’s eyes. This is how things are. Most children like watching TV rather than playing outside.
But playing in the sunshine has better influences than staying at home. Because of staying at home, they have less chance to make friends or communicate with others. Social work skills should be learned from a kid. Maybe someone could say some programs are good for children to know more knowledge. But in fact, children are not interested in it. Learn knowledge from their own experiences can let them remember more clearly. For example, take the child to the zoo to see tigers would be better to watch tigers on a television.

If you spend too much time in watching television, it’s harmful to your health. Many teens have shortsighted because of this. And it caused the problem like fat. Staying at home will let you become lazier. Our body needs to do sports. When people are watching TV, their brain actually doesn’t need to think, the images and the voice can give enough information to them. So, our brain could be stupid. In a word, television is a bad influence. Let’s read books or go outside to play to kill time. Do not let television to be harmful to us.

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