Art a Bar at the Folies Bergere by Edourd Manet

Published: 2021-08-04 00:35:05
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elly Turner A Bar at the Folies Bergere by Edourd Manet In the detailed work of art by the artist, Edourd Manet, the subject matter is depicting a barmaid who is alone working in a crowded bar shown in the mirror behind her but at a far distance away. The look on her face seems like she is distracted and overwhelmed with so many customers that she can’t handle taking everyone’s order. The subject matter comes from the artist who maybe is unhappy with his own work and maybe overwhelmed with all the pieces he needs to create for a certain event.
The media of this work is an oil painting. Oil paintings are used on a canvas. It is a slow drying process which gives the surface of the painting richness and depth of colors. To use oil paint you need good quality sable brushes, turpentine for cleaning and thinning brushes, a canvas, and paint. Points, lines, and shapes help create oil paintings. There are symmetrical forms of the barmaid depicting visual weights and counterweights in the piece, A Bar at the Folies Bergere, by Eduaor Manet.
The shapes in this piece are geometric by the reflection of the mirror and also soft edged by the crowd in the background in the mirror almost faded out. The overall balance is destabilized. The masses in this painting are mostly focused on the bar tender then geometrically have the crowd smaller and faded away in the mirror depiction. The textures of this image are implied because there are x-ray photographs that reveal that Manet twice shifted the barmaid’s reflection further right. The color scheme is broken down with light and dark colors making it appear naturalistic.

The space is created in two dimensional work with the barmaid’s image reflecting off of the mirror with the crowd portrayed in the background as pretty far away from her and also by balancing to lead our eyes around the work. Elements are arranged with the barmaid as the main element which is big and catches our eyes before we notice the smaller people in the mirror reflection. Unity is created by the mirror reflecting her back image talking to a man knowing that they are all one big room. There is variety n this piece because the barmaid is very finely painted yet the crowded area of people in the mirror is almost fuzzy and unrecognizable. The scale of this work is half life size half not with the women being painted as a normal size yet the other people are very tiny with just their upper bodies being painted. The woman is extremely emphasized in this picture and the man along with the bar top is emphasized as well but not as much as the woman. In the detailed work of art by the artist, Edourd Manet art can be described in many various ways to depict so many different aspects of the painting.

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