Application of C. Wright Mill’s sensibilities

Published: 2021-08-21 19:00:07
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C. Wright Mill’s works were mostly dedicated to the questions of social stratification, researched elites, rationalization, mass society and power.  But nevertheless, he was very much involved in the investigation of social problems as well.  For instance, C. Wright Mill’s four sensibilities might assist in explaining the poor health status of indigenous people in comparison to wider population.
In my understanding, poor health status of indigenous people is provoked by the problem of alienation which results in the “shift from rural and agriculturally based world to an urban society”.[#2, p.3]  This explains health status changes of the population in the way of bigger inflow of people to the urban society and as a result of suchlike movements happens rapid development and improvement of technologies.
Of course, Mill’s sensibilities have from one hand positive and negative impact on the indigenous people.  As to me, one of those is increasing economy from the positive side, but from the opposite - economic growth implies many negative effects as well (such as pollution).  As a result - the above mentioned aspects are provoking weakening immunity and inability to resist diseases by indigenous part of population.

Other explanation of poor health status of indigenous people is inability to be medically inspected and treated with the appropriate means as wider population. This might be the reasoning of usage of less effective medicine and inability to adapt to the constantly changing methods of treatment.  Therefore different categories of population, according to the Wright Mill, are conducting “inhuman actions” between different parts of population.  But then he continues that “our sensibilities and actions are inhuman not because of the scale of their cruelty, but because they are impersonal and performed without any real emotion”. [#1, p.3].
1.Aronowitz, Stanley “A Mills Revival?”. Logos Journal. 11 Oct.2004 <>
2.Mills, Wright. The Sociological Imagination. New York: Oxford University Press, 1998.

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