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Published: 2021-08-14 07:55:06
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The job of a make-up artist is my lifelong ambition. Since early childhood, I was impressed with the mysterious world of stage and cinema and eager to make a contribution to the sphere. I believe that make-up artists are making a great deal to make artists’ appearance before cameras intriguing and appealing. There are also a number of things about the career that appeal to me at this point.
First, it involves communication with people. As make-up artists work with movie stars, television hosts, and theatre actors, this means communication with interesting, talented people who bring their gifts to stage presentations. As someone fascinated with the artistic world, I am eager to foster relationships in it that can turn into lasting friendships. Contributing to their looks on the screen and on stage, I can become an important person in their lives and one to whom they turn for support and advice.
Second, I like the creativity of the job. A human face can appear to the world in such a distinct variety of looks that it is really breath-taking to imagine. The make-up artist can use one’s innate ability to add a new touch to anybody’s face, making it more or less impressive. I am excited to learn ways to present the same face from a different standpoint, demonstrating its different aspects and qualities. I believe that there is great opportunity to use one’s creative abilities in this kind of job. Since I am always booming with ideas, I feel that a job of such kind is right for me.

Third, it is very important that this job relates to human beauty. Personally, I sometimes admire how good-looking people can be. People are so different, and the make-up artist’s job is to bring out their individuality, underscoring their most appealing qualities. Working on the human face is so exciting because, no matter how trite this phrase seems, the face is the mirror of the soul and is thus the most important part of appearance. Trying to reveal the beauty of the human face is very exciting, especially when one works with a face that does not fit into social beauty standards. I would be especially thrilled to work on such faces, attempting to show the world the inner beauty of these people.
I also enjoy the technical part of the profession and its various challenges. I know that I will have to gain a thorough understanding of technical issues involved and details of the photographic process, shooting, colors, special effects, and the like. I am really interested in seeing all these details in work and gain a thorough understanding of them.
When I finish the make up artist school, I intend to seek a job, perhaps on television or in the movie industry. This is my first choice because I believe that a make-up artist has a lot to do in those areas. This work is going to be creative and offer opportunities for self-development. I would love to secure a permanent job with a film-making company or a TV channel. I understand that it may be unrealistic at some point and therefore am prepared to deal with assignments on a contract basis, offering my services to different companies for temporary projects.
I hope that over time, as my experience increases, I will obtain access to interesting projects with attractive compensation. Preparing make-up for a well-known movie would be the pinnacle of my career. To attain this goal, I plan to do a lot of networking in the industry and related trade bodies and associations. In this way, I can increase my participation in the industry and foster good connections. I would also love to find a mentor who can guide me through the intricacies of the profession. This is why I would gladly accept an assistant position as my first job. I hope that with due effort, a career in this industry can become a reality for me.

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