Why Waterloo Christian School?

This is a reasonable question and one that every parent and prospective parent deserves to have answered. There are distinct differences between just plain education, be it public or private, and education that is Christian. The former focuses only on teaching academics, social interaction and culture change; the latter teaches to change lives. Given the financial investment of a Christian education, every parent has a right to know, ahead of time, what they can expect from a Christian school. For that reason, we put down in writing some expected student outcomes for students of Waterloo Christian School. They fall into four separate, yet interrelated areas.

  1. Formation of Christ-like character and a relationship to God. This begins by understanding and committing to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Salvation, however, is only the starting point of a Christian life. WCS students are taught and challenged to know, understand and apply God’s Word in their daily lives. Students are taught by the work and example of teacher role models to be empowered by the Holy Spirit to pursue a life of faith, service and love. Parents can be certain that their students will be taught and encouraged to be actively involved in their local church, serving God and others, and carrying out the great commission, both locally and around the world. (See “ Bearing Fruit: Character and Service ”)
  2. Acquisition of academic mastery and thinking skills that prepares them for a lifetime of learning. We certainly cover the gamut of modern-day education, and we cover it well. Our test scores demonstrate our success on this parameter (see “ Achieving Academic Success ”). Parents have the added assurance that in every area of academic study, Biblical truth is fully integrated into the subject being taught, since ultimately all truth is God’s truth.
  3. The practice of successful Christian living skills to live in a world that is increasingly pagan and hostile toward Biblical truth and practice. Students are encouraged and taught to develop skills to question, solve problems and make wise decisions that enable them to live out their faith in the real world. From successful communication, to encouraging struggling friends, to managing time and money according to Biblical standards, WCS students are prepared to live a full and healthy Christian life.
  4. Development of a solid, defendable Christian worldview by understanding the worth of every human being, as being created in the image of God. WCS students are encouraged to develop apologetic skills, to discern Biblical truth from cleverly disguised falsehoods, and to articulate and defend their Christian faith, while having an understanding of opposing worldviews.

When a parent asks, “Why should I sent my child to Waterloo Christian School?” they have a right to know there is a difference.