Learning Efficiency Program

Joshua’s teacher said he had to repeat the first grade. The seven-year-old had no interest in school, lagged far behind his peers in reading, and could write little morethan his name. Feeling desperate, Joshua’s parents enrolled him in the Learning Efficiency Program (LEP) that summer.

Sixteen months later, Joshua graduated from LEP’s intensive “academic therapy” with a new outlook on school. LEP retrained Joshua’s brain to learn and process information in new ways, allowing him to experience academic success. As a 6th grade student today, Joshua loves to read, enjoys story problems in math and is earning good grades. “He now has the confidence that he really can do the work if he tries. He has the tools now to handle learning. If he hadn’t done LEP, I don’t think he’d be where he is now,” Joshua’s mother said.

Since 1994, the Learning Efficiency Program approaches the individual student’s learning difficulties by addressing the root-cause instead of the symptoms. Just as you would send your child to physical therapy if her muscles weren’t working together as designed, LEP is “academic therapy” that retrains the brain’s processing functions and develops improved learning pathways.

This is not a “quick fix” nor a temporary solution, as can be the case with tutoring. Rather, it provides a permanent improvement in the person’s ability to learn and process information. The student’s self-confidence improves as he or she begins to learn and interact efficiently, perhaps for the first time.

“We have without a doubt seen improvement in Matt’s confidence level both in school and out. Not only have his grades improved, but also his coaches have expressed how much more confident he is this year in basketball, football, and baseball.”
—Middle school parent

“Our son has developed his reading, organizational, and memorization abilities; plus he has achieved higher academic goals. His most significant and obvious achievement was his ACT test. Having taken the ACT prior to the program and again toward the end, he gained a total of 4 points, which also allowed him acceptance into a prestigious college of his choosing.”
—High school parent

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Learning Efficiency Program
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  • Produces permanent, lifelong changes
  • Targeted help for reading and math processing
  • For ages 6 years to adult
  • Accepting new students year round
  • Convenient after-school hours
  • Competitive rates, less than many tutors
  • Scholarships available to those who qualify

LEP is a nonprofit organization